Monday, November 9, 2015

Autumn Reflections Poem

 A retelling of my favorite Autumn poem:

What is it that makes my heart stir
In the autumn of the year
The hues of gold, orange and scarlet
Or the blue skies so clear
Is it the sight of the leaves swirling
As the wind beckons them to dance
Or is it the rolling hills of color
That makes me take a second glance
Is it the sound of booming thunderstorms
From sheets to gentle rain that falls
Or is it the brisk autumn breezes
And the howling wind that calls
Is it the brilliant starry nights
With the October moon that glows
Or is it the little babbling brooks
To the raging river that flows
Is it the smell of fresh cut wood
Stacked neatly in a row
Or the sight of orange pumpkins
With happy faces all aglow
Is it candy corn, hay rides and bonfires
Apples that are red and green
Or the smiles of happy children
On the night of Halloween
Is it the smell of cinnamon and spice
 And wood smoke drifting in the air
Or is it the blue jean overalls
And knitted sweaters that we wear
I guess it’s a time for family and friends
To come inside and join in on the fun
To sip a cup of hot cocoa or cider
And sit beside your special one
I love all that this season has to offer
From sounds, tastes, scents, and sights
To good food and fellowship
And a warm fire on chilly nights

- Sheri L. Swift (2010)

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Autumns Fading

These are the last blooms of summer in my yard.  I always cut a few to dry so I have the remembrance of spring to carry me through the cold winter.

Most of the leaves on the trees have changed to golden, scarlet and orange which gives such beauty to the eye.

The blustery autumn winds have already taken many of the leaves and spread them where they will; giving the ground rich nutrients which cause the grasses to remain green nearly all year.

Even our pine trees are dotted with orange which is such a contrast to my former home in California.

Tonight we're expected to be 31 degrees and tomorrow a high of 49 and a low of 30.

It won't be long now and the trees will be bare and gray and every blossom dead and blown away in the brisk winter winds.

It saddens me to see such a death of the growing things and winter can seem so long.  But even in autumns fading and the soon arrival of winter, we have the hope of renewal in spring.  ;)

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Lizzy's Dream House

Fantasy~Mer Pinterest

For those of you who are on the third book of the Legend of the Mer series (Song of Sirens) I thought I'd let you in on my Pinterest board Fantasy~Mer.

I've pinned several images which have inspired me not only on the third book, but also the first and second as well.

This is an image of Lizzy's Dream House pin for her dining room.

There are some images for the Prentis Home as well as images of people who might remind me of some of my characters in the book series.

If you're a fan, I hope you'll check it out!  ;)

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Walking like a two year old ;)

I never dreamed I would one day have to learn to walk again, but I am.

On the 4th of July I was sent to the hospital by ambulance.  I had an infection which became sepsis.

In 24 hours I lost the use of my legs; not only could I not walk, I couldn't stand either.

I've been blessed to have a Physical Therapist as well as a Nurse coming by to help me out.

I'm so thankful to them both and all those who had a hand in my rehabilitation.

I've had the use of a walker to help me get started since I left the hospital nearly a week later.   

Over the past weekend I used a cane, but I kept trying to make my left foot step down at the same time the cane did.

This only frustrated me because it felt like marching and not walking.

Yesterday I decided to be brave and try walking without any assistance.  It worked!  Lol!

I am not walking very well, but I'm walking!

My legs are still stiff and don't turn easily and I'm not used to the full weight resting on my legs and not on the walker.

Although I'm walking like a two year old, I know I'm blessed to be able to do it again!  ;)

Saturday, July 25, 2015


I usually share one of the poems within my books and this is the latest one published from Legend of the Mer III Song of Sirens.

My character Lizzy wanted a way to remember such a special event.  She knew she couldn't write about it in her journal; someone might read it and find out about the Mer she and her family have sworn to keep secret for their protection.

She realized she could put it in a poem and no one would suspect it was real, just as she wrote about King Titan in a poem she wrote for a class project in Legend of the Mer II The New Guardian.

I dreamt I was a mermaid
With Seashell top and tail of blue-green
I was summoned to the marble Hall
I was brought before the King

He proclaimed me a Princess
And gave me a shiny crown
I saw the smiling faces
Of the Mer-folk gathered round

Music began to play
Within the marble Hall
The Mer began to dance
It was the Mermaids Ball

The mermen lined up to dance with me
How many I cannot tell
We twirled around in circles
When each merman swished his tail

We danced the hours away
They behaved themselves quite well
One even gave me a present
A small bright pink Seashell

When the musicians ceased their playing
a tour was offered to me
Within the coral reef gardens
Hidden deep below the Sea

Whenever I cannot sleep
Watching the clock upon the wall
I close my eyes and dream
Of dancing at the Mermaids Ball

Sheri L. Swift
Legend of the Mer III Song of Sirens

Monday, June 15, 2015


I never dreamed in 2009 when I published my first book it would become a series.  Lana had been a part of me since I was a junior in high school.  I wrote her story through several rounds of radiation and it became an escape from the pain for me.

I couldn't keep thoughts of Jedediah out of my head and his book slowly began to form with his close friendship with his merman friend Makoa and their humor.  Jedediah's story was soon told.

Over the last three years I had been writing Lizzy's story and it is an exciting day as her story goes live today.  She discovers things about herself she never thought possible.

As God allows, I am now beginning to write the last Prentis sibling's story.  It's Will's turn to become a young man with decisions to make as to live the life of his Mer relations or to move to the mainland and build a new life for himself.

But that's for another day, today is Lizzy's day & I hope you all enjoy her story  ;)

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Legend of the Mer III Song of Sirens is available for pre-order

Legend of the Mer III Song of Sirens is finally uploaded and available for pre-order in the ebook format on:  Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords.

As soon as I receive my print book cover I will upload it to Createspace for the print version.

The third of the Legend of the Mer series will go live on June 15th.

Can't wait to share it with you all!  ;)