Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Happy Easter! ;)

   This is my kitchen table last Sunday as I was setting up for our lunch.  I was in charge of desserts, Vegetables with ranch dip and some of the chicken.
   I made strawberry shortcake trifle.  I also set up a triple layer of butterfly cakes and cookies.  We had sour and regular jelly beans, with dark and peanut m&m's.
   In addition to Christmas, this is the Holiday I like to go way out and spoil those I love with food pleasing to the eye as well as the palette.
   Several of us serve in some capacity on Easter Sunday with our Churches, so we started celebrating Easter on Palm Sunday.
   I also enjoy the *quality* time I have with my children and grandchildren on this day.
   We enjoyed a chicken dinner with all the fixins, as we say in Southwest Virginia.
   The children enjoyed an Easter Egg hunt in our backyard.  It turned out to be a beautiful sunny day.
   Some of our Sons-in-love got a little creative when it came to hiding, but it made it all the more fun for the children.
   We usually play board games in the afternoon, but this time we just enjoyed visiting with one another.  My husband and I enjoyed loving on all those grandchildren!
   I hope you and yours have a wonderful Easter celebration this weekend!  ;)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happy Spring! ;)

We've had one of the coldest winters here in the Blue Ridge since my husband and I moved to Virginia in 1995.

It's so good to feel the warm sun again and my little African Violet plant is happy to see it too!

I'm enjoying wearing sandals again and my spring clothing.

We usually don't have Rhododendron blooming until the first part of May as well as Dogwoods.  I'm hoping for an earlier bloom this year.

I hope your enjoying spring or whatever new season in your part of the world!  ;)

Friday, March 14, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's! ;)

I wrote a blog a few years ago about how my family always celebrated St. Patrick's Day as a remembrance of an exceptional person and also a way to remember our heritage.

When all my girls were nearly grown, I discovered my family (McLain side) originated from Lochbuie, Scottland.  They changed the spelling from the original name (MacLaine) and eventually settled in Glasgow Ireland before my branch came to America.

So you might say we have a true Scotts-Irish heritage; none the less, we enjoy donning the green!  ;)

Monday, February 24, 2014

Winding Roads and Tall Trees

While driving to an appointment the other day, my husband and I drove down one of the lovely little winding roads in our area of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Along our drive, I saw running parallel to my road was new construction.  The construction was apparently a new byway which will straighten out the road.

They were tearing up the hills and had removed large sections of mature trees.  I always wonder at what cost we do these things.

It seems this generation is always in a hurry to get somewhere.  We lost the beauty along the way and the time we took to notice it.

Hey, I'm all for making roads safer, but wish there was still a way to save the trees and keep the ways of enjoying them with our families.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Happy Valentines! ;)

Valentines is always a special time for me, not only a time to celebrate the love of my Sweetheart, but also one of my daughters and I share birthdays in this month.

I cannot help but be overfilled with love and gratitude and I express it with decorations and treats for those I love.

I hope you have a wonderful Valentines Day also and are able to celebrate it with love and gratitude!  ;)

Monday, January 20, 2014

A Promise Kept

Robin Lee Hatcher's new novel is out and is a beautiful story of loss and redemption.  It is filled with love of a family and friends as close as family.

It has a story within a story of two lives so profoundly touched by God.  It tells of perseverance through heartache and God's perfect timing of restoration.

Robin shares that this story is very close to her heart as she also had struggles within her own marriage and how God's faithfulness helped to restore it.

Hope you'll check it out!  ;)

Monday, January 13, 2014

The Little Merwalker who could

As I sit here writing this today I am amazed how well my book Legend of the Mer is doing on #Amazon #Kindle.  As of today, my ebook is on Amazon's Best Seller's list in three categories, #12, #28 and #33.

Since I published in 2009, she's gone through several revisions and a facelift with a new cover design for the ebook and print cover.

The sequel, Legend of the Mer II ~ The New Guardian is also doing well and frequently on 1-3 of Amazon's Best Seller's lists.

Now I'm beginning to write the third in the series and it's so fun to sit at the table again with the Prentis family and swim with the Mer as they travel from Safe Harbor Island in the North Atlantic to Mer Island in the South Pacific.

Thank you to all the readers in the US, UK and all over the world who have helped to keep this Little Merwalker on top!  As I always say, #GoMerwalker!  #GoGuardian!  ;)